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Equine sports are like a dance
One partner must lead effortlessly 
so their partner can follow 
willingly and gracefully
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Welcome to
Develop Your Ride 
Online Horse and Rider Education

At DYR we teach

"Equine Goals 
are best achieved 2 steps at a time."
One for the rider - one for their horse, and each must step in harmony with the other.

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Unless stated otherwise
All coaching is done at the Old Glory Ranch in Conifer 

About Rod and the Develop Your Ride program  

The DYR training program works for many events -
Even with the same horse. 
 1 horse 3 events and much more. 
NRHA Reining money winner 12 times out of 13 times shown,
Ran in the 1D barrel racing in north Texas and southern Oklahoma,
Does a USDA level 4 dressage test well enough the first time we tried it, many western dressage enthusiasts suggest "she is what they want from a western dressage horse."
Much more. this video is 9 minutes long showing all that can be done with one DYR trained horse takes time. 

Individual results vary based on the time spent and the horses ability. 

Past students before and afters. 

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Develop an alround foundation in your horse
DYR helps you develop your horses balance and control so any event skill is easy for them. 

The DYR Difference
 Why We Are Successful


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Training the Unnatural Horse
This new book will discuss how our horses balance when they perform with a rider on their back.

Jobs that I have done in my life have allowed me to watch many many video's of performance horses. While watching those video's both in slow and supper slow motion I have saw a huge difference between how the few great horses perform and the rest of the horses perform.

That difference does not come from training or breeding as much as it is BALANCE. 

The horses that we refer to as naturally talented have a certain balance 
that they use with a rider on their back.

My book "Training the Unnatural Horse" looks at ways to develop that different balance in other horses. 

Here is an excerpt from the book that talks about maneuvers verse balance.
Very often in the horse industry, we depend on horses to develop their balance for a maneuver as we practice the maneuver.

 DYR and the PHD progression focus on developing the horse’s balance so the maneuvers are easy. 

This approach can take more time, depending on the horse’s mental and physical ability, and often, the time to develop a horse’s balance and keep them willing is too much to justify paying a trainer to do.

That is why DYR and PHD focus more on the Do it yourself approach and we have had great success.